UIE Virtual Seminar: Writing Usable Content

Yesterday I gave my first-ever virtual seminar thanks to Adam Churchill, Jared Spool, Sean Carmichael, Brian Christensen, and others on the radass team at UIE.

It’s an odd feeling to know you’re talking to an audience of hundreds but you’re sitting in your house, wearing expandable pants that you bought from Target two years ago, dealing with the impatient cat in your lap, longing to sip the coffee that’s cooling on your desk, and advancing your slides in a browser while talking incessantly into a headset.

In any case, the recording is available on the UIE website, and I’ll be scheduling a follow-up podcast shortly to address some of the awesome questions I received during the presentation.

Thanks to all who attended/listened and put up with my known-to-be-occasionally-too-nasaly-midwestern accent.