Ogilvy + ASAE

I love working with Petar Canic at Canic Interactive and Dani Mackey at Ogilvy. My first project with them over the summer of 2010 was to help redesign ASAE’s Power of A website.

Brainstorming with Dani and Petar was super fun. The Power of A has a lot of vibrant folks behind it, so I enjoyed being able to conceptualize and wireframe some key concepts (below) that tackled their purpose — to raise awareness on associations’ effectiveness in bridging gaps between legislators with constituents.

For the homepage, I proposed a few approaches ranging from School-House-Rock and Star-Trek brevity to a more traditional, interactive map that displayed true stories of association impact across the nation.

As usual, I included suggested content in all the wireframes where applicable, though atypically I also made some design suggestions in terms of colors and imagery that should be prominently displayed, according to the client’s early feedback.

Since ASAE is increasingly providing more resources to their important Power of A efforts, we ultimately simplified the homepage from the original ideas and focused largely on the blog, which captures key news stories affecting associations and Capitol Hill, as well, in addition to the many non-profit stakeholders across the nation.

Homepage Wireframe – Brevity 1

Homepage Wireframe – Brevity 2

Homepage Wireframe – Data Points + Stories

Homepage Wireframe – Simplified

Final Live Site Homepage

Initial Blog/News Wireframe

Final Live Blog/News Page

Initial Interior Page Wireframe

Final Live Interior Page

Thanks to Petar, Dani, and the Power of A team at ASAE for making this such a cool project to work on.