Links to Stuff I Used to Talk About

I don’t identify as a content strategist anymore, although it’s a big part of my career journey. Still, here are a few things my content-strategy specialization enabled me to do/talk about. * Conversational AI Design (including Voice and Bots) * Content-first UX Design (40m) * Lean Content * Building Trust with Customers  

Copywriting: Conversions or Thought Leadership?

A thread in my inbox: “We have a lot of ideas on topics to write about that are relevant to our industry. But how should we go about producing content? Hire a copywriter?” Two primary follow-up questions I’d ask: Do you want to find the messages that convert users to buyers? Do you want to […]

Lean Content

3 steps to test your messaging, angling for that “aha” moment that compels people to DO something.