Steph Hay is an Ohio native who loves video games, CrossFit, and BBC programs. She’s also a journalist who pioneered content-first design and Lean Content testing, two low-risk methods for proving traction before building a product.

These days she’s in Virginia at Capital One, where she is Head of Content Strategy and runs “What’s Up Thursday,” a weekly share-out for the entire design team of 250 people across 11 locations.

Steph co-founded FastCustomer and Work Design Magazine, mentored at 500 Startups, and made—hey, why not tweet ‘#1nicething’ @ someone today?

Here’s what I look like:


Photo by Lachlan Hardy

Here’s what I talk about:

* Using Words that Help People Find You, Understand You, and Choose You (5m)
* Content-first UX Design (40m)
* Lean Content
* Building Trust with Customers
* Writing Content for Usability (90m)

Here’s a list of awesome freelancers I recommend.