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I’m Steph. I’m an Ohio native who loves video games, CrossFit, and BBC programs.

I’m also a journalist who pioneered content-first design and Lean Content testing, two low-risk methods for proving traction before building a product. Here’s a 5-min video of me talking about this stuff at the 2012 Lean Startup Conference when I had really, really long hair. Dang, I miss that hair.

Anyway, these days I’m VP of Design at Capital One just outside DC, where I specialize in designing integrated experiences powered by AI. I lead a team of people who are much smarter and cooler than me, but hey they can’t clean and jerk 210# like I can* so at least I’ve got that going for me.

Read about some of the cool stuff we’re all working on, like Eno or Making Data Tangible or Humanity.ai or Making Empathy a Verb or Designing for the Human Side of Banking.

Before Capital One, I co-founded FastCustomer and Work Design Magazine, mentored at 500 Startups, and made 1nicething.com—hey, why not tweet ‘#1nicething’ @ someone today?


* Well, circa July 2016, that is.