Ohioan in Virginia. Leads Capital One’s content strategy team and weekly design sessions for 160 people across 10 locations. Mentors at 500 Startups and 1776. Loves CrossFit, ramen, and this flow chart.

Made Tougher.Me and MusicforWODs, co-founded FastCustomer, and was co-founding editor of WorkDesign.com. Designed content for UIE, Ben & Jerry’s, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Here’s what I look like:


Photo by Lachlan Hardy

Here’s what I talk about:

* Using Words that Help People Find You, Understand You, and Choose You (5m)
* Content-first UX Design (40m)
* Lean Content
* Building Trust with Customers
* Writing Content for Usability (90m)

Here’s a list of awesome freelancers I recommend.